PCF Crush Sauce


PCF Crush has been in the mix for 2.5 years. It’s taken that long for the infusion of the key ingredients to reach symbiosis. Today is the first day for it to be officially made and it uses a rare type of Bhut Jolokia which I grew last year. It’s also got a nice amount of wild bird chili’s in it. But aside from all of that is the vanilla and Wild berries.

Crush is a decadent sauce that is 90% organic Tahitian vanilla beans and Wild picked berries. Each bottle has the equivalent of 100 vanilla beans.

This is a very vanilla dominating sauce with mild berry like essences and mild heat. It’s got the consistency of chocolate syrup and the color too!

It is intended as a drink additive and or for baking. But does work as a hot sauce to. Just not your everyday run of the mill hot sauce.

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