APCF Hot Sauce

I opened Perko's Chile Farm in early 2005 from a dream that revealed my passion in life.  The official name change is now but the website will be rebranded soon as well. 
Some of my earliest sauces are Original, 29 Special, 67 Blend, Wild & Old World 7.  
My sauces are different in the fact that they are raw! I do not cook my sauces or heat them up as doing so destroys many of the naturally occurring vitamins in the Chile’s.  PCF Hot Sauces are live foods and beneficial. 
I have never used capsaicin oil or crystals in any of my sauce blends and I never will.  I do not add cheap fillers or questionable ingredients in any of my recipes. 

I have 400 different hot sauce recipes that I have created since 2005.  I grow all the chile’s myself and use only the purest and finest ingredients. I do not use artificial colors, gmo or franken foods.  

The dates that are on the labels are not when the sauce was made. They only represent when the name and label were created. It’s how PCF keeps track of Label’s from year to year. 

We are:APCF Sassy Hot Sauce 
Perko’s Sauce
Queen O’ Peppers Sauce
East of Eden Herb & Spice Co.
Glimmer Beverages 
Mike's Sauce
Urban Innards
Michael’s Twisted Candy

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